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Environmental Impact


Zero Waste is a holistic approach that goes beyond individual actions and encourages systematic changes in the way materials are designed and managed at the end of their life cycle. 


A proud initiative by One ‘O’ Eight Knots in collaboration with the farmers of Karnali district in Gujarat, this our step further towards a healthier eco-system.

Our team of artisans process and use natural banana fibres, the pulp and sap that is extracted from the otherwise waste banana pseudostem, to create 100% planet-friendly handcrafted products. By transforming agricultural waste into a valuable material, this innovative practice reduces negative environmental impact and also empowers communities.

Embracing the potential of using natural materials to craft our products is our act in creating a more sustainable foundation for our brand as well as the community.


Waste Reduction


Low Energy Consumption

By transforming banana plant waste into fibre, our attempt is to divert a significant amount of agricultural byproduct from landfills, reducing the burden on waste management systems.

The inherent quality of natural banana fibres being biodegradable ensures that the products we make do not contribute to plastic pollution or trash that persists for ages in the environment. 

The extraction process of natural fibres, the sap and pulp from the banana pseudostem at our unit consumes minimal energy compared to the energy consumption of other mass produced artificial materials.

THIS initiative also holds great social and economic benefits for the community.
OUR BANANA FIBRE EXTRACTION UNIT in Karnali, GUJARAT has created employment opportunities for over 200 locals, including farmers
and artisans.

Our ZERO WASTE Practices

Handwoven and
Hand-knotted Products

A conscious choice to craft products with natural materials like cotton threads and banana fibres and cotton threads is our first step in the direction. A step further is our effort to innovatively use the smaller leftover cotton threads to make beautiful and small ornamental products like keychains and charms.


Our banana fibre extraction process results in a residual pulp which is used in making paper as yet another step to minimise the cutting down of forests to manufacture paper. This natural banana paper is incredibly durable and has a shelf-life of over 100 years.


Trends and their very short-lived nature are huge contributors to landfills. We at 108 Knots have mindfully stepped away from trends to create seasonless products that can be used for years is. These uniquely crafted pieces are handmade from start to finish giving it a beautiful handmade and personal touch.

with love for you and the planet

We as a team are passionate about preserving and protecting the environment and take pride in offering good quality, ethically made products that allow our customers to practise make better sustainable choices. We are constantly expanding our horizons in our use of natural materials, by reducing waste and prioritising circularity as a part of our journey.

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